The MacGuffin Project: The MacGuffin

Macguffin? What’s a MacGuffin and what is it doing in sunny Bournemouth? And most importantly, how do we solve it?

The MacGuffin Project

  • Location: Bournemouth
  • Players: 3 to 6 (Age 12+)
  • We played: February 2018 as a team of 4

Great things about The MacGuffin

  • ‘Sinister Victorian Carnival’ is not a theme to be attempted half-heartedly – and The MacGuffin Project has really gone all out. A well-executed introductory video explains the backstory and sets the scene, and when we walked into the room itself we were awed by the incredible visual design and the attention to detail of every element.
  • As you might expect, the game host was in character throughout, and this added a lot of humour and atmosphere to the whole experience.
  • What’s more, The MacGuffin Project’s three different rooms each focus on different aspects of the same theme and story, encouraging players to go back and get the full story.
  • In this game, your objective is not to escape but to avert disaster in a way that fits the scenario. The great variety of different puzzles all fit this story, and there’s not a padlock to be found!

On the other hand…

  • There’s a fair bit of searching to be done in The MacGuffin – not necessarily a bad thing, but you might find yourself looking frantically for one thing for a while – and in quite a dark room.
  • Although we didn’t find this room excessively easy, if you’re a group looking for a major challenge then The MacGuffin might not be for you.

Who should try this room?

Either experienced escapists or novices would enjoy this game, and especially steampunk enthusiasts.

Rating – 8/10

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