Aim Escape: Patient Zero 2150

Blistering biohazards! We threw ourselves into one of London’s newest escape rooms to try to save the world from a deadly virus…

AIM Escape

  • Location: Aldgate (nearest Tube station Aldgate East)
  • Players: 2-6
  • We played: July 2018 as a team of 4

Great things about Patient Zero 2150

  • This escape room feels like walking onto the set of a futuristic dystopian thriller. The cinematic use of lighting and sound contribute to an impressively immersive atmosphere, which is one of this room’s strengths.
  • In keeping with the futuristic theme, most of the puzzles in Patient Zero 2150 use technology in a range of different and engaging ways.
  • Although mostly hi-tech, the puzzles in this room call on various skills and approaches, and include some types of tasks that we hadn’t seen elsewhere.
  • During most of the experience, our group was able to split up and tackle different puzzles that contributed equally to solving the room, so everybody had an exciting role to play.

On the other hand…

  • We had one instance of a puzzle frustratingly not working as intended. This was only one part of the game, however, and as the room is very new we are optimistic that it will be remedied.
  • We found that the hint system could have been better-managed. Rather than being given a way to request a hint, prerecorded hints were played when we appeared to be struggling, but these weren’t always pertinent to the issues we were having. On one occasion, we were told a puzzle solution rather quickly when we felt we could have figured it out on our own. Again, as this room is brand new, we hope this will be improved.
  • Although it’s a part of the otherwise fantastic theming, we found this room a bit dark. Simply including a torch somewhere in the game would have made it more accessible, especially as you sometimes need to distinguish colours.

Who should try this room?

Groups who are ready for a pulse-racing, fast-paced challenge in an impressively-themed environment.

Rating – 7/10

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