Aim Escape: Hangover Déjà Brew

Saucy texts. Leather masks. An urgent mission to find the groom before our sister’s wedding. Could we handle this adults-only escape room?

AIM Escape

  • Location: Aldgate
  • Players: 2 – 5 (Age 18+)
  • We played: August 2018 as a team of 4

Great things about Hangover Déjà Brew

  • We’d never laughed this much in an escape room before. This room’s risqué, light-hearted theming had us giggling almost the whole time.
  • There are some imaginative, unexpected puzzles here. We also liked that some puzzles could be solved in parallel, while others required everyone to get involved and work together.
  • Hangover Déjà Brew is advertised as a medium-difficulty room, and we found this accurate; it was easier than their other room Patient Zero 2150, but still challenging enough to be enjoyable.
  • The set design of the room was well-finished, and we got the impression that someone had had a lot of fun sourcing a few of the props!
  • We had a friendly and professional welcome and briefing from our host in Aim Escape’s rather glossy lobby.
  • For this room, Aim Escape have come up with a high-tech, fun and fitting way of delivering key information (as well as hints, if necessary).

On the other hand…

  • This isn’t a theme that would please everyone. Not only is it not suitable for children, but it teeters on the borderline between cheeky and sleazy. If there’s a non-clichéd way to do the “Hangover” theme, Aim Escape haven’t found it.

Who should try this room?

As much as some teenagers would love this theme, it is strictly for adults. Most groups of close friends would have a lot of fun in this room. It’s probably not the escape room to take your gran to (but hey, you know your gran better than we do).

Rating – 9/10

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