Escape London: Overthrone

The King is dead! The throne is up for grabs, but will we have what it takes to solve the room and rule?

Escape London

  • Location: Shepherd’s Bush (nearest tube Shepherd’s Bush Market)
  • Players: 2 – 6
  • We played: September 2018 as a team of 2

Great things about Overthrone

  • This was the second time we’d visited this Escape London location (there’s another one in Shadwell), and both times we had a friendly and professional welcome.
  • Some effort has gone into creating Overthrone‘s medieval castle setting. Some of the props are more impressive and authentic-looking than others, but the overall effect isn’t at all bad.
  • Although there weren’t any mind-blowingly original puzzles, this room uses a good range of escape game classics. The puzzles in the room require different approaches, so it’s not repetitive.
  • In general, Overthrone is structured so that one puzzle leads on to the next – there’s a good flow, with a clear end goal in sight.
  • This is one of Escape London’s easier games – it’s advertised as having an 80% escape rate. That makes it good for beginners or pairs who want a good chance of getting out in time.

On the other hand…

  • A little bit more attention to detail on the part of Escape London – avoiding cheap plastic props, proofreading written clues – would give the game a higher quality feel.
  • This is a traditional, padlocky escape game, with a lot of codes to be entered and keys to be found – not the most innovative format.
  • There’s not much in this room that requires real teamwork or extended effort to solve, so you don’t get that satisfying feeling of having worked at a tough challenge and cracked it with your friends.
  • Although you can book Overthrone for up to six people, its difficulty level and small size means we wouldn’t really recommend it for more than three.

Who should try this room?

Overthrone would be a great first escape room for beginners to try. It would suit pairs or small groups, Game of Thrones fans and those who fancy being queen or king for a day.

Rating – 7/10

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