Clue Adventures: Gangsters Treasure

A notorious gangster has been murdered in an underground drinking den! Will you crack the case, or will you end up drinking on your Bugsy Malone?

Clue Adventures

  • Location: now in Leyton (but we played this game at its first, temporary location in Tower Hill)
  • Players: 2 to 6
  • We played: June 2018 as a team of 6

Great things about Gangsters Treasure

  • Rather than a purpose-built escape room, this is an immersive challenge designed to be installed into a pub’s function room (and, at its previous location, to be removed during the week when the pub was in use). This means that the visual decor is all in place, and it just takes a couple of extra props for you to feel like you’re stepping into a prohibition-era New York bar.
  • Unlike most escape rooms, your host – in character as a fedora-clad bartender – will be in the room with you. While some might be put off by this, we found it brought the room to life. Bribing the bartender allowed us to get hints and help without spoiling the immersion.
  • A lot of work has gone into the underlying story, which is based on real events. Ask your game host to fill you in after you play.
  • There was a superb variety of puzzle types, including number challenges, coded messages, spatial puzzles and some good old-fashioned logic.
  • In common with Clue Adventures’s other rooms, there’s a lot to solve here, so with a good-sized group you’ll be able to split up and work on things in parallel.

On the other hand…

  • As this is a real pub and not a purpose-built escape room, there are no big surprises in store regarding the space itself – don’t expect to find any trap doors or hidden rooms here.

Who should try this room?

As help is on hand, a group of beginners would enjoy this room as much as a group of seasoned escapists. You’d struggle to solve everything here with a group of less than four.

Rating – 9/10

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