Escapologic: Reactorvate

Escapologic had us breaking into an abandoned nuclear power station and starting up the reactor in order to clear our great-uncle’s sullied name… All in a day’s work!


  • Location: Leicester (15 minute walk from Leicester Station)
  • Players: 2 – 5
  • We played: August 2019 as a team of 2

Great things about Reactorvate:

  • Reactorvate is a room for escapists who like a high level of immersion in an authentic-feeling environment. It makes great use of an atmospheric, underground space to create its nuclear reactor control room, and it felt perfectly apt that we emerged covered in grey dust. Everything within the room had been designed to be appropriate to the setting and story, which meant no incongruous objects or technology – including no visible countdown timer.
  • What provided the most fun in this room was getting our hands on some large-scale, chunky puzzles and machinery that had been custom-built for the room. We were impressed to find out afterwards that one piece we’d particularly enjoyed manoeuvring had been built partly from re-purposed stair-lifts!
  • The design of the puzzles prompted lots of teamwork, so you’ll need first-rate communication skills to tackle this room.
  • Everyone who looked after us at Escapologic was engaging, professional and fun, with a clear passion for escape rooms.

On the other hand…

  • Although this room was very entertaining, it wasn’t the most puzzle-intensive room we’ve played. Most of the tasks required effective back-and-forth communication but not a huge cerebral effort.

Who should try this room?

Reactorvate is an imaginatively-designed, high-quality escape room and would be a great choice for a group of 2-3 experienced escapists or 3-5 beginners.

Rating – 8/10

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