Escape Plan: The Battle for Britain

It’s 1940, and the Luftwaffe have launched a full scale attack on southern England. We have only 60 minutes to access the operations room and fight back! Hold on to your moustaches, we’re going in!

Escape Plan

  • Location: Kennington
  • Players: 2 – 7
  • We played: September 2019 as a team of 2

Great things about The Battle for Britain:

  • The Battle for Britain is crammed full of great puzzles. There’s a good range of things to do, with a few more complex, demanding puzzles but a multitude of lighter brain-snacks, keeping the room feeling varied and pacy.
  • Everything in this room demonstrates the designer’s passion for both escape rooms and the historical setting portrayed: the visual flair, the atmospheric sound design and the impressive attention to detail. There’s a combination of custom-built props and specially adapted items, and all the technical elements worked beautifully.
  • A highly non-linear game, The Battle for Britain could have felt chaotic, but it has a clear structure and organisation that is spelled out for you at one point in the game. If you approach the plethora of puzzles in a fairly systematic way, you can keep track of your progress as you approach the finale.
  • It’s refreshing to play a game where there are different degrees of victory that can be achieved, rather than just winning or losing.
  • We had a funny, passionate host who resisted giving us any hints until we really needed a subtle push in the right direction. Communication with the host was kept simple, unobtrusive and gimmick-free.

On the other hand…

  • The nature of this game means that you might ‘win’ without having completed every single puzzle (and thus achieving the winnest win) – you’ll have to be super-organised to make sure you get every task done.

Who should try this room?

Even if a war-themed escape room wouldn’t normally be your cuppa, we would encourage you to give this brilliantly-designed room a go. It would suit 2-4 enthusiasts, or 4-7 new players, and is suitable for families.

Rating – 9/10

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