CTRL ALT ESC: Detention

This might not be the first time we’ve been kept behind after school, but it’s certainly the first time we’ve tried to escape. Did we succeed or did we get trapped in the headteacher’s office? 


  • Location: Margate
  • Players: 2 to 8
  • We played: October 2019 as a team of 2

Great things about Detention

  • We know that most grown-ups aren’t really nostalgic for their time in the classroom – even less so for their time spent in detention – but the attention to detail and enthusiasm that have gone into the theming of this room make going back to school an A* experience. Everything here is on-theme, with loads of classroom-specific odds and ends used in creative ways.
  • Despite the connotations of punishment, Detention is a playful, high-energy room that was a joy to play, thanks to humorous touches and a light-hearted use of music.
  • Detention has no shortage of puzzles to solve, and a good variety of them too, including effective uses of technology, a large, madcap contraption and a versatile vegetable.
  • We love how all of CTRL ALT ESC’s rooms have a 90-minute time limit. Within that time, Detention is achievable (and fun) for two escapists, but bigger groups will have enough to do to keep them engaged too.
  • We had a warm welcome from the staff at CTRL ALT ESC, and an attentive and helpful host throughout our game (who also got into character to give us a stern talking-to!).

On the other hand…

  • Detention had a couple of mildly frustrating moments: one challenge that seemed like it should require dexterity, but ended up feeling more like luck, and another puzzle that involved following some slightly unclear instructions.
  • This room involved collecting a lot of objects, which became a little hard to keep track of and could feel overwhelming.

Who should try this room?

We highly recommend this room to all escapists, especially those who don’t mind being on the wrong side of the rules! It’s suitable for families, the young and the young at heart, and in our opinion would suit a group of up to six players.

Rating – 9/10

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