Clue Adventures: Jet 2 Space

It’s the year 2199 and we’re off on our summer holidays – in space! All aboard Wheezyjet flight BJ69. Surely nothing could go wrong…

Clue Adventures

  • Location: Leyton (nearest Tube station Leyton)
  • Players: 2
  • We played: December 2019

Great things about Jet 2 Space

  • This is Clue Adventures’s second 2-player game, after 2 Tickets 2 Ride. Both games showcase the advantages of designing a game for a pre-determined team size; not only are puzzles thought up to require the involvement and cooperation of both team members, in some cases they actively inspire more careful and considerate communication between them. The limited team size also means they can squeeze a lot of fun into a small physical space.
  • Jet 2 Space is an imaginatively themed room with plenty of humour. Clue Adventures have taken a fairly common escape room concept – space voyage gone awry – and given it their own spin, riffing on the idea of the budget travel company of the future and dropping in lots of cheeky touches to tickle those familiar with the less glamorous side of travel, along with a liberal helping of innuendo.
  • Though not Clue Adventures’s hardest game, Jet 2 Space has a series of reasonably challenging, collaborative puzzles to solve. We were impressed by how they added a twist to some classic escape room tasks.
  • Jet 2 Space is located above a pub, which you’ll need to go through (and through crowds of football fans if it’s a Leyton Orient match day, as it was for us!). Luckily, our game host was waiting to greet us as soon as we arrived, and made us feel very well looked after before, during and after our game.

On the other hand…

  • The above-mentioned humour is very much of the smutty variety; if you’re not a fan of innuendo and toilet humour, such as jokes about Uranus being full, this is probably not the room for you.
  • This room also features a spot of maths – not a problem for everyone but some escapists’ worst nightmare.

Who should try this room?

We found Jet 2 Space really fun and entertaining, and thanks to the great hosting we think it would be suitable for a pair of beginners as well as escape veterans. Getting stuck in space is a great alternative to just meeting up with a friend or partner for a drink (and you can recover in the pub downstairs afterwards!).

Rating – 9/10

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