The Panic Room: Resurgency

After The Panic Room narrowly escaped being blown to smithereens by bomber Brenden Last, they’ve installed a bomb defusal training room to make sure it never happens again. We willingly signed up for training… What could possibly go wrong?!

The Panic Room

  • Location: Gravesend, Kent
  • Players: 2-5
  • We played: January 2020 as a team of 2

Great things about Resurgency

  • Placing a diabolical mastermind – in this case, vengeful bomber Brenden Last – at the centre of an escape room narrative is a neat way to make all the puzzles make sense in context: you have to do these particular tasks within the time limit because the mastermind made it that way. It could, therefore, seem like a lazy shortcut to crafting a story, but we rather enjoyed the company of this particular mastermind, who managed to have lots of personality and wry humour despite essentially being only a robotic text-to-speech voice.
  • Resurgency has several tasks enabled by different kinds of technology. These are enjoyable and inventive, and also allow a lot of game content to be squeezed into a small space.
  • Most of the activities here encourage co-operation and communication, which made it particularly fun to play as a pair. In fact, it almost seemed designed for a twosome: apart from one challenge, we couldn’t imagine that having more than two players would add much to the game.
  • Resurgency’s mounting tension is complemented by its sense of fun, and although some of the puzzles took us time and application to solve (which we like), the game still maintained a fast pace overall.

On the other hand…

  • Resurgency seems to want to be a bomb defusal game with a retro gamer, eighties flavour, and it felt like a missed opportunity that this theme wasn’t embraced to its fullest. Replacing a few anachronistic elements with pieces that fit this theme might create that magical feeling of stepping back in time.
  • While it might be thematically fitting that this room is very, very dusty, it will also leave you wanting a shower for the rest of the day. Aaa-choo.

Who should try this room?

This tense and enjoyable room would be ideal for a pair of friends or a couple’s dusty date night, or potentially a team of 3 escape room novices.

Rating – 8/10 

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