Buckbuck Games: The Viewing

IMMERSIVE THEATRE, LONDON - In this experience which claims to "push the boundaries of immersive theatre and escape room fun", a simple property viewing turns into so much more when a mysterious portal opens...

Escape the Vault (Brighton)

BRIGHTON - A new, 40-minute addition to the Brighton escape room scene required us to rob a bank and get away without a hitch. It's tucked away behind a coffee bar - but would we end up behind bars of a different kind?

Escape Games Fukuoka: Wherehouse

FUKUOKA, JAPAN - Offering "Western Japan's first western-style escape room", Escape Games Fukuoka convinced us to get locked in a mysterious warehouse full of a baffling assortment of objects - can any of them help us to get out of here?

Lock’d: Perpetuum Mobile

LONDON - A brilliant scientist has vanished, leaving us just one hour to solve the secrets in their laboratory and save the world from eternal darkness! 

clueQuest: Operation BlackSheep

LONDON - The dastardly Professor BlackSheep has come up with a plan for world domination, launching a satellite that can control our minds in this clueQuest room. Can we break into his lab and stop the baa-d guy's plan before it is too late? 

Sherlocked: The Vault

AMSTERDAM - This heist-themed escape room is highly rated by many seasoned escapists, so we couldn't wait to break into these underground vaults for ourselves. Did it steal our hearts?

Questomatica: Wake Up!

AMSTERDAM - Have you ever tried to rouse a sleeping child who doesn't want to wake up? What about trying to wake them from INSIDE THEIR DREAM? Hope we don't get stuck...

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