Pier Pressure: Modrophenia

Want an escape room that will satisfy your daydreams of being a 60s mod, zipping up and down the Brighton seafront on your Vespa? We did, so we headed to Pier Pressure’s Modrophenia room…

Pier Pressure

  • Location: Brighton
  • Players: 4-9
  • We played: December 2018 as a team of 5

Great things about Modrophenia

  • Hello, 1964! A lot of thought (and probably a lot of enjoyment) has gone into situating this room at a particular temporal and cultural moment. As well as a couple of impressive props, the smaller details of the room’s decor contribute to the swinging sixties look and feel. The mod theme and the coherent, Brighton-specific narrative give this room a strong local connection.
  • Modrophenia has a generous amount of content – there were enough challenges to keep our five-player team more than busy.
  • This is not a linear escape room; different players can be working on different parts of the room simultaneously, although that does mean that you might have to fill your teammates in afterwards on what you each solved. There are several different tracks that you can set off down from the beginning, and in some cases the ultimate aim of a puzzle wasn’t revealed until later on.
  • The staff at Pier Pressure know what they’re doing, and helped to make our visit a memorable one. Our host was clearly attentive during the game, and the way hints were delivered was thoughtfully and humorously integrated with the room’s theme.

On the other hand…

  • Unfortunately one part of the room had not been reset properly after the previous team, so we didn’t get to experience that particular task.

Who should try this room?

Pier Pressure told us this was their most difficult room, but we found it worked well for a group with mixed experience levels. We think four to six players is a suitable number for this room – nine would surely be overcrowded!

Rating – 8/10

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