Riddlr: Séance

Somehow, we’ve been convinced to follow in the footsteps of a paranormal investigator who disappeared investigating a haunted house… what could possibly go wrong?


  • Location: Kingswood, Bristol
  • Players: 2-5
  • We played: February 2019 as a team of 5

Great things about Séance

  • Séance conjures up a pretty spooky atmosphere, for escapists who like that sort of thing. It certainly elicited a couple of ridiculous shrieks from us – and plenty of laughs too. The room’s creepy visual design and use of sound add to the haunted feeling.
  • Like the other room we played at Riddlr, The Brunel Enigma, Séance features plenty of different kinds of entertaining puzzles as part of a linear sequence of tasks. An element of humour, a focus on cooperation and a few jumps and surprises added to the fun.
  • This room is more about atmosphere than challenge, so although it still offers plenty to work through, this would be a good room for inexperienced escapists who like to be scared.

On the other hand…

  • Riddlr have an integrated, automated system for delivering hints – a concept we’ve had mixed experiences with in other locations. In this case, we didn’t use a hint, but we had an issue with a broken object in the room and found ourselves with no direct way to communicate with our host. Waving at the CCTV camera didn’t get a response, so we had to leave the room and return to reception to ask our host to help – which he then did very efficiently.
  • Darkness prevails for most of this room, and our team of five players had to share one torch, which got a little wearing when we wanted to investigate objects in different locations.

Who should try this room?

We felt 5 players was slightly too big a team to get the most out of Séance, but we’d recommend it to a group of 2-4 players who don’t scare too easily!

Rating – 7/10

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