Room Lockdown: Alien Abduction

You know how it goes: you wake up in a metal pod, you’re hurtling through space and you may or may not have been probed. Aliens again. How do we get home?

Room Lockdown

  • Location: Hornchurch (nearest Overground station Emerson Park)
  • Players: up to 6
  • We played: April 2018 as a team of 4

Great things about Alien Abduction

  • Although the scenario here is fairly simple and a bit silly (you’ve woken up in captivity in an alien spacecraft, and you need to free yourselves and fly away home), the whole set-up works and the puzzles fit the story in a logical, coherent way.
  • While none of the puzzles blew our minds, they were all engaging enough and required us to put our heads together. Overall, we had an enjoyable experience progressing from one task to the next.
  • The people at Room Lockdown are a friendly lot who will give you an upbeat welcome and explain everything clearly.

On the other hand…

  • Walking into Alien Abduction, you might be reminded of that “spaceship” you once made as a child out of cardboard and rolls of aluminium foil – it’s definitely towards the low-budget end of escape room design. But hey, that spaceship you made was pretty fun, and so is this room.
  • The puzzles in this room are a little basic, and there’s nothing particularly challenging, so experienced escapists might not feel stretched. For a group of more than four, there might not be enough content to keep everyone entertained all the time.

Who should try this room?

Alien Abduction would be fun for family groups or escape room beginners.

Rating – 6/10

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